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There’s always something new here! Don’t miss out on any upcoming projects and events. Take a romp through: There's a Reason it's Called a Play™! From your excursion you will soon know; Christopher Limber is committed to providing the highest quality production support in any of the roles you might cast him in! Director, Composer, Lyricist, Actor, Poet and Teaching Artist. He's even a Certified Hypnotherapist specializing in working with Artists on strengthening and facilitating creativity. You will see, as you dance through this site, that he plays well with others (Ensemble is the key to all creative enterprise). Make sure you look around intuitively - and enjoy your journey into a lifetime of joyful creativity! Write and ask a question or leave a comment, and welcome to:

"There's a reason it's Called a Play™!

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Playing as a Director

Mr. Limber has directed more than 50 plays, musicals and operas nationally. For a resume, pictures and reviews click below on: "Director's Playground"

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Playing with stories and words as a Playwright

Mr. Limber has been commissioned to write and adapt plays for theatre's nationwide. For a list, selections and pictures click below on "Plays you can Play with!"


Playing with music as a Composer/Lyricist

Music to sing, scores to play, musicals to perform. Click below on "A playground of notes"


Theater News


Actor/Director, Writer, Composer


January 1, 2017

Kabuki Ugly Duckling – Muny 1st Stage
Chris Limber along with the winsome company have made Duckling a thoroughly charming theatre piece. The color and movement of the staging enthralled a large family audience.
Bob Wilcox – Riverfront Times, February 4, 1994

The Very Last Green Thing – Opera Theatre of St. Louis
Green Thing should restore faith in morality theatricals by and for kids aged seven to 15. Christopher Limber directed smartly - the cast seemed faultless.
Leighten Kerner – The Village Voice NYC, July 13, 1993

Godspell – SIUE Summer Show Biz Production
Christopher Limber who directs this production has cut the sugar with boisterous humor and undercut the sentiment with fresh lemon juice of a wry eye toward the ways of the world. John Dryden, the first great stage theoretician of the English speaking theatre said Load every rift with ore,” and that’s what Limber has done. Yet his Godspell seems artless and naïve. Which of course is how you know what superior art really is. Godspell is a rare achievement
Harry Weber – Riverfront Times, July 20, 1992

Twelfth Night – St. Louis Shakespeare Co.
Christopher Limber Directs with gusto and Flair – patrons are treated to a delectable piece of entertainment. Twelfth Night is top notch all around technically and in its performances. It is pleasure and delight it is charm and grace and style.
Mark Bretz – Ladue News, November 23 2001

The Food Chain – City Players of St. Louis
nail a tale of loneliness, rejection and humiliation -- and it's a comedy. Under the unifying direction of Christopher Limber, just about everything works in this St. Louis premiere. Viewers who can derive pleasure from the cruel humor of ridicule are likely to laugh a lot.
Dennis Brown – Riverfront Times, October 16, 2002

Girl Gone - NonProphet Theater Company –
Director Christopher Limber brings together the pieces stylishly, clearly delineating the dream and memory sequences from reality. Limber also wisely inserts an intermission into Reingold's script, giving the audience a chance to digest the complex information and take a break from the intense emotions – a powerful final show in the NonProphet Theater Company's first season of plays.
Deanna Jent – Riverfront Times October, 26, 2006


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