Credits (Acting)

    | Show |                                                                           |Theatre |                                 | Role |

The Little Mermaid                                              Variety Children’s Theatre                   King Triton

Fiddler on the Roof                                             Stages St. Louis                                  Lazar Wolf

Camelot                                                               Stages St. Louis                                  Pellinore

Sound of Music                                                  Stages St. Louis                                  Max Detweiller

Gypsy                                                                 Stages St. Louis                                  Uncle Jacko/Kringelein

Snoopy                                                               Stages St. Louis                                   Charlie Brown

Berlin/Wall                                                          Upstream Theatre                                Narrator -"Berlin"       

Sonia Flew                                                          New Jewish Theatre                            Sam/Orfeo

Hearts                                                                New Jewish Theatre                            Donald Waldman

Smoke on the Mountain                                     Mustard Seed Theatre                         Burl Sanders

Servant of Two Masters                                     Act, Inc.                                                Dottore

The Tempest                                                     Shakespeare Festival of St. Louis        Alonso

12th Night                                                         Theatre Factory                                    Malvolio

Paul Sill's Story Theatre (Dir. by Mr. Sills)          NY & Ft. Lauderdale Fla. Tour            Many Roles!

Tartuffe                                                             Repertory Theatre of St. Louis              Berald

Threepenny Opera                                           Repertory Theatre of St. Louis              Bob the Saw

A Christmas Carol                                            Repertory Theatre of St. Louis              Fred Morrow

A Tale of Two Cities                                         Repertory Theatre of St. Louis              Barsad

Killer's Head                                                     Repertory Theatre of St. Louis              Mazon

Unseen Hand                                                    Repertory Theatre of St. Louis              Blue Morphan

Brecht On Brecht                                             Repertory Theatre of St. Louis              Worker/Guitarist

Biography: A Game                                          Chelsea Theatre Off Broadway             Waiter/Refuge

Pump Boys and Dinettes                                   Sullivan Little Theatre, Sullivan, IL        Jackson

Cotton Patch Gospel                                         Sullivan Little Theatre, Sullivan, IL         Joseph

Trouble in the Works                                        Theatre Project Company                    Mr. Wills

Glengary Glenn Ross                                       Theatre Project Company                      John Williamson

The Seagull                                                       Theatre Project Company                    Dr. Dorn         

Knights of the White Magnolia                           Theatre Project Company                    Red Grover

The Chairs                                                         City Players of St. Louis                       Old Man

Smoke On The Mountain                                  City Players of St. Louis                       Burl Sanders

The Sanders Family Christmas                          City Players of St. Louis                       Burl Sanders

Chekhov's Tatyana Repina                     Judson Poets (U.S. Prem/Off-Off B'way)       Petronikov

Cat On A Hot Tin Roof                                        HotHouse Theatre Company               Big Daddy

What the Butler Saw                                          HotHouse Theatre Company                  Dr. Rance

Mr. Clemen's Ruminates                                   Historyonics                                      Mark Twain

The British Lion                                                   Historyonics                                      Winston Churchill

Breaking the Line                                               Historyonics                                      Branch Rickey

The Salem Witch Trials                                      Historyonics                                      John Proctor

House of Blue Leaves                                     Equity Guest Artist (SLU)                     Artie Shaughnessy      

I'm Getting My Act Together                           Westport Playhouse                              Jake

A Christmas Carol                                            Westport Playhouse                           Bob Cratchit

As Mark Twain: Over 300 public appearances, including a PBS Special w/ Captain Kangaroo; Featured speaker – National Governor's Convention at the Fox Theatre in 1999; Narrator for an evening of American composers for the world renowned St. Louis Symphony Orchestra

Training: (Acting) George Morrison, Paul Sills, Arne Zaslove, Edward Pason Call   (Voice) Kristen Linklater, Richard Fancy (Speech) Edith Skinner, Timothy Monich, June Helmers  (Mime) Ky Wolf (Circus) Hovey Burgess (Dance) Lou Conte, Claire Bataille

Special Skills: Accomplished Guitarist – Singer (Baritone).  Banjo, harmonica, some piano; juggling; accents. Stage Director for over 25 years professionally; Theatre and Opera productions Composer/Lyricist For many productions published and/or performed internationally Theatre Teacher For young people, college, adult – Acting, Improv, Scene Study (Resumes available upon request)