Quick Delight Twelfth Night
& All The World's A Stage

Shakespeare Festival St. Louis 2013 Education Tour

Tour Company:
Laura Sexauer, Robert Mitchell, Anna Blair*

Eric Dean White, Michael B. Perkins

*(Denotes member Actors' Equity Association)

Winning Juliet

Metro Youth Kids for Kids

REVIEW: "Additionally, another arm of Shakespeare Festival called Metro Youth Shakespeare recently performed a nifty little work by Limber and Elizabeth Birkenmeier titled Winning Juliet. The “Kids for Kids” production smartly demonstrates what the impact of cyber-bullying can be in the age of Facebook and Twitter."

Cruel To Be Kind?

Shakespeare Festival St. Louis 2010-11 Education Tour

The play takes place in 1599, William Shakespeare is franticly writing as you like it. As he writes, Shakespeare realizes that his character Oliver’s despicable behavior mirrors the cruel treatment of his real-life apprentice Oswaldo towards the younger apprentice!  Besides the discord among his charges, the strong-willed matron who owns the Inn has lately been scolding her daughter.  Bringing art and life together, the Bard shares scenes from his play with his housemates, and with the help of his wonderful characters, his new play begins to crystallize while the relationships around him become kinder and newly inspired.

Me & Richard 3

Commissioned and toured for
Shakespeare Festival St. Louis 2008-09

Kevin Kline Award for Outstanding Production for Young Audiences (2009) / Published through Playscripts, Inc.
(Click to download sample)

Reggie, a stuttering high school sophomore, longs to star in his school play: Shakespeare's Richard III. Fueled by a crush on the production's Lady Anne, Reggie carries out his own reckless version of King Richard's dangerous plot of ambition to ensure being cast in the title role. Aided by the ominous ghost of Richard III himself (who speaks in iambic pentameter), Reggie manages to bring down his school's star actor, but eventually he must face the consequences and wrestle with his personal demons.

Kabuki Ugly Duckling

A Play with Music based on the story
by Hans Christian Andersen

Music and lyrics by Christopher Limber
Adapted by Pamela Sterling

Commissioned in 1987 by Muny 1st Stage

Recommended Selection:
AATE Unpublished Play Competition, 1989

Re-published in 2010 by Playscripts Inc. (LINK TO SCRIPT)

The accompaniment can be played by a live ensemble, or a complete musical CD can be rented from the composer.  The music has an Asian feel and complements the script’s concept of setting the play in Japan using Kabuki theatre techniques to portray the characters.  Each season in the story, which follows the duckling from birth to transformation into a swan, is introduced by a haiku-like poem and sung by the entire ensemble – often taught to the audience so they may join in.  Animals are suggested by the use of fans of all sizes, and the play and the score is most successful when performed by a large ensemble of all ages.

The Secret Garden

A Play with Music based on the book
by Frances Hodgson Burnett, adapted By Pamela Sterling

Music by Christopher Limber

Commissioned and produced in 1988,
Muny 1st Stage, St. Louis MO

The Dramatic Publishing Company, Published 1991

Winner of the 1991 DISTINGUISHED PLAY AWARD presented annually by the American Alliance of Theatre and Education

Scored for flute, cello and piano.  Music functions like a film score, weaving in and out of the action, providing emotional color, covering scene transitions, and adding a stylistic consistency to the opening and the ending.  A well-developed recording of the music, made for ChildsPlay Theatre in Phoenix, AZ, can be used instead of a live ensemble.

Flossie and the Fox

Based on the children's book by Patricia C. McKissack
and approved by the author
Script, music, and lyrics by Christopher Limber
Supported by a Creative Artist’s Grant from
the Missouri Arts Council, 1999

This adaptation has been read and approved by author, Patricia C. McKissack. It tells the tale of Flossie, a very smart and brave 8 year old who, like Little Red Riding Hood, outfoxes the Fox. Flossie confronts him right off the bat and causes him no end of frustration as she brings a basket of eggs the Fox covets to a neighbor.  Wonderful for younger children, this play offers a strong and delightful African American protagonist.

Moss Gown

Based on the book by William Hooks.
Script by Micki Panttaja
Music and Lyrics by Christopher Limber
Commissioned and produced in 1997-98/2003-4 by Idaho Theatre for Youth 2001 By Muny 1st Stage

Based on a wonderful children’s book that places Cinderella and King Lear in a Cajun setting, this musical features Candice who is banished and ends up on a farm where she attends the ball after receiving a gown of moss that turns to a lighted and sparkling dress so she may attend.  The Fairy Godmother is instead a Gris Gris woman who meets Candice in a swamp as she travels to the plantation.  The music is scored for orchestra with banjo, guitar and calliope, and is recorded and offered by the composer on CD.


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