"Oh, beautiful creative skies..."

Yes, in response to several friends - some conservative, some liberal - I am choosing to continue opposing what I unconditionally believe to be incorrect, but I am changing my overall approach. Since the election I have experienced moments of profound despair - felt at times, the most debilitating sorrow for America - for myself, for alike friends battling life-threatening disease who soon might not be covered if the ACA is trashed; for the men and women I work with in three prisons, for support of the most informed standards for equality and tolerance for every person in the world, boldly, for the LGBT community, and in America, for the most disadvantaged among us. Finally, for my dear and cherished friend, Cyndy, who chose in the week after the election to end her pain both physical and psychological.

This despair has affected my life and balance, my ability to be fully available to many avenues of work, friends and play, and the continued pursuit perhaps, of my deepest allegiance - to the inspiration of the artistic process.

Synchronicity in action: Last night, in a rehearsal for Julius Caesar in a prison, I realized, as together in artistic despair, the dedicated cast and I discovered the answers to a scene we were working on - occurring in a hard-won flash where everyone was alert, calm, focused and contributing their inspired ideas for the benefit of our mutual artistic goals - I realized (once again) how my own ability to gather inspired ideas and finding the words to communicate those into action, (that which moves a group forward,) must be offered without calling attention to myself, and, instead - by placing the credit of discovery where it belongs - to our ensemble process: that this is what I love most: about life, about loving relationships and about America. For freedom allows us this human luxury: our potential to be a unified and thoughtful ensemble of collaborators.

We must place our own least-effective process tactics aside and work to clearly understand, articulate and then effect the sly, confusing and terminally negative, dangerous and aggressive behavior of many opportunistic politicians now in office.

Whining and accusation at this point are counterproductive. So I am here taking sober responsibility for becoming very angry about this election, and allowing that to shade and influence my clearest abilities to articulate and support the best critical analysis of current events for the sake of expressing my outrage. And, though I have remained proactive, it is now past time to share and create even more effective action based on the desire to change the events of November. Because: corruption is succeeding and choices are being made that will take hard fought and finally acquired basic rights away, from the middle class and even more disastrously, from the most vulnerable in our society.

Phone calls and emails are not enough - we need to show up now - to be seen and heard. Daily action is required and the courage to do our homework and confront simplistic and incorrect policy that favors a small percentage of Americans for the sake of a few. We are all in this together.

Therefore, I pledge allegiance to the flag and the constitution of my beloved country, the United States of America - that in my heart, mind and actions, for the power and effectiveness of sincere, thoughtful, unconditional decisions with regard to justice and due process - that courtesy, fairness, mutual respect and firm resolve are key in order to inspire all Americans to place their best selves and true intentions in play for the well being of the Earth; we must be diligent and uncompromising in our love and stewardship for Nature's intended balance; for just and correct individual freedom, emanating not from greed, and power, but from a love and cherishing of human-kind: that we remember in every second of each day, that we are one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

© 2017 Christopher Limber

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